Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Table Tennis...with waggle.

Pilfered from: Joystiq

So, Rockstar are bringing Table Tennis to the Wii? I only briefly played the Xbox 360 version, it never fully appealed to me. The graphics were the main pull for me. So now that it's coming to the wii...where's the appeal going to be? Okay, using the wiimote as a paddle might be cool for a bit, but it just seems like it's going to end up as wiisports tennis but more serious.

Nick says: I like Rockstar Table Tennis on the 360. It's simple, someone can pick it up and get to grips with it in 10 minutes. But it's also very deep, with there being many subtleties, involving the spin and focus shots. I don't doubt that it'll be fun on the Wii, but it'll lack the main draw of the 360 version. The graphics. They're what make the game. The Wii version will basically be Pong with added waggle.

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AllOfUsAreLost said...

While it is not that i love Nintendo or Sony especially, i am a jaded old Microsoft-hater and have played an X-box, no lie, a single time.
So this fills me with joy (along with the fact that Gears of war is coming to Mac) that this game is coming to Wii.
I always thought that the draw of this game was its physics engine, co nsidering it was praised and used to base a lot of great games on. Graphics for ping-pong is like hats for dogs.