Friday, 3 August 2007

Are you IV real?

So, GTAIV has been delayed, until at least May 2008. Hands up who didn't see that coming? While I was hoping it would meet the deadline, I had a sneaking feeling that it just wasn't fully done. Rockstar set a date, right down to the exact day, so they should honour that. The consumer shouldn't be the one left to wait because they messed things up and needed some more time to polish the game. I had heard that it looked a bit rough at a preview session, so the extra time might be beneficial. Looking at it another way, I'm glad. It'll mean I can give all the other autumn and winter releases a good beasting. I'm looking at you - Halo 3 and Rock Band. I doubt that Bungie and Harmonix will screw us over like Rockstar have done.

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